Sunday 15 July 2012

The week with my boy..

This past week we have had Leon staying with us while his Mummy & Daddy went on a short break to the Isle of Wight so no cards from me!

We had a fun week and he was very good. I have a few more grey hairs and I was sleep deprived by Friday - 4am - 6am awaking...but I really enjoyed having him and really missed him when he went back. Here are a few pictures from the week.

I decided to walk him round to the park one afternoon. It took an hour to get there - the park is only round the corner- but after we had stopped, examined every gate, every bush etc, we eventually got there :-)

Eating chocolate cake - mmmmmm! Time for a hair cut too!!

 Watching Thomas the Tank Engine at 6am in the morning.

Morning nap time

Playing in the park.

Thanks for reading


  1. Hi Cally, Oh thank you for sharing your grand son with us the pictures are beautiful and the one sleeping he looks so content:)x

  2. Fantastic pictures Cally. Bet you're missing him now. Kim x