Thursday 31 May 2012

Last Minute Holiday

My friend has not been well over the past couple of months and what with the crappy weather we had been having, decided to book a last minute holiday. We managed to get cheap flights thanks to the partner of one of hubby's officers and we booked a hotel in Tenerife where we had stayed before. 

Here is a picture out of the plane window on our way to the Island.

This is me on our 2nd night. We had just got back from eating and my ankle had swollen up. No I wasn't drunk! Despite the glass of sangria on the table. Not sure what I did but the ankle hurt and it had swollen up so had a wet cloth on it! 

 Here's Cyd and I on our balcony.

 This is a view of the pool from my sunbed!

A view of the pool from the roof terrace.

A view of the hotel and mountain behind taken from the roof terrace.

The first few days were very cloudy and I was not impressed when I spoke to hubby and he said that you were having lovely weather over here. From Tuesday though - 4pm exactly - the clouds disappeared and never came back all week. the sun was very hot and I have to say that it was even too for me and I am a sun worshipper!!

We had a great time and it was lovely to get the sun on my body...

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  1. Oh l have just come back from Tenerife and our weather was so hot and gorgeous then l heard friends was out there and they had a good 1st week then rain and cold the next so it seems mixed at the moment, hope your not still suffering with your ankle and that your having a good time:)x