Thursday 22 March 2012

New Jewellery made

Last Sunday I decided to get my beads out and have a play. Haven't really taken to jewellery but do like playing sometimes.
Here are the pieces that I made.
The first is a memory bracelet made from 3 coloured beads that are like stone chips. I have made matching earrings to go with it.

The picture of the necklace does not do it justice even if I do say so myself. The blue beads were bought ages ago and I never knew quite what to do with them, then Sunday I knew. The blue beads were are intermingled with white pearly beads with silver spacer beads in-between.

Thanks for reading


  1. They are all lovely Cally. I have some beads like the blue ones but not sure either. Maybe I'll take the plunge like you. x

  2. fabulous cally love the stone chips and the blue ones wow what a fab shape might try and find some of them xxx

  3. Lovely pieces of jewellery Cally, i love the blue piece!
    I have had my beeds out today but must get some decent tools to work with! i have a few pieces half finished so i aim to get them finished this space lol!

    Carole x