Wednesday 6 April 2011

A funeral, a weigh in and a meal..

Yesterday was the funeral of our friend Barbara who died a couple of weeks ago very sudden. The church was packed. She was a big part of the village community where she lived and will be missed.

It was also weigh in day yesterday and how did I do? I lost another 2lb bringing my total loss to 10lbs. Whoo Hoo!!! I have another 4lb to loose too reach my first target which was a stone before I go on holiday. That's 4 weeks away so fingers crossed.

Yesterday we had our normal meet with friends from the Pru. It was weird that Barbara's funeral was this day as this would have been the next day we saw her. We went ahead with the meet but it was a bit strange without her there. The meal was ok but I think it was a bit rich as I had a bad tummy when I got home. Felt better this morning though.

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