Sunday 31 October 2010

Holiday in Weymouth

A couple of weeks I went away for a week to stay in a caravan in Weymouth. We had lovely weather for the beginning of October. When of the highlights was this little chap.
We were sitting in the caravan one afternoon and Fel (my friend's hubby) said look there's a squirrel, we all went to the door to you do... and this little chap was out there. I got my camera and took a few piccys which he didn't seem bothered about. He was very tame, obviously been there before and fed!!
We got some peanuts and he came right up to the door and posed for this lovely picture for me. He was right at the bottom of the caravan steps. I'm sure he would have taken the nuts from my hand had the noisy brats (oops sorry noisy children) hadn't come running by.....

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