Wednesday 28 July 2010

Cards made at The Summer Crafting Workshop Day -Pt 1

I am going to put the cards that I made on separate posts so that I know where I am...

This card was made in the class run by Kim Sutton from B-Craft-e. The card was made from one of Kim's templates called ' 3-d reveal card'. The pictures are of course Beatrix Potter. We were allowed to keep the template so that we can make the card again. The samples that she had were really good but unfortunately as I said in a previous post I lost all my pictures.
The fiorst picture is of it closed:

This picture shows it opened.You can't see it well but you have 3 struts in the card that allow you to create the 3 d effect. Peter Rabbit is sitting on the closest strutt and looks to be running towards the bunny at the back. We also made a 'boxelope' to go with the card. This was made from a template which Kim allowed us to purchase at half the price. The card fits in it exactly. It would also do all your A5 decoupaged cards also as iot gives the extra depth.

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