Sunday 6 June 2010

Ghostbuster or not.....

A bit of a story.... now those of you that know me, know that hubby is a police inspector for the BTP and his office is up at Brighton Railway Station. The building where he works is very old as is the Railway Station and people have often joked about there being a ghost in the office. One of the officers was doing a late shift in the office and saw the ghost and to say it put the wind up him is is an understatement. As you can imagine, all the other officers ribbed him, although the majority of them are scared as well! They named the ghost 'Geoff' and is now a constant conversation topic.

Well the office in question is now leaving for another job (not due to Geoff!!) and my hubby and friend asked me to design a card on the ghost theme! I decided I would go the Ghostbuster route. I googled GhostBusters and came up with the costume they wore and I interchanged the head of the model with Ahmet's (the office leaving) and printed this directly onto the card. I then downloded a ghosty font and used that to say 'Sorry you are leaving'. The font is RMGhost4. I then added a couple of ghostbuster emblems. The result is as follows.

I then wanted to come up with a little ditty for the inside of the card. I wanted to include Geoff. Not being a poet or very good at this, this is what I came up with. Not bad I thought. For those of you that can't read it it says ' Without you the in the office, it will be quiet and bare, And poor old Geoff will have no one to scare'

I do hope that he likes it!!!

Thanks for reading