Wednesday 28 April 2010

My oh my.....

..... what a long time it has since I last blogged. Not very good am I at this blogging lark..well I am going to try and be a bit better now that I have tome on my hands... now what's happened since I last blogged..

Well the first thing is that I am no longer working, I left my job on 10th December 2009 after 17 years there. I finally got my redundancy that I had been after for 4 years. I have no intention of going back to work at the moment as I have far too much going on.

I am doing a home course on Sage Bookkeeping and payroll. I have just taken my first exam and I failed!!!! 76% where you need 85% to get a pass. Never mind.. will have to do a bit more revision and retake it.

Healthwise I am ok apart from my nose. I have terrible pain with it. I am under the consultant at the hospital and like years ago when I had high blood pressure ( I am on tablets for that), they can't seem to find a cause for the pain. They say my septum is wonky (outcome of having my nose broken by a friendly???? neighbour when I was 17 but that's another story) so I can go in and have that straightened (not too sure on that one though) and also I am alergic to housemites and grass.... have spray to take at the moment and further appointment in June. Watch this space.

I am at the moment re doing my website selling craft items. My 'business' is called Ubeautycrafts and I am hoping to become a millionaire in a year!!! Lol seriously I'm hoping I can make a go of it along with my shop. I'll keep you all updated when I have made the first million.....

Well I have been making some cards recently.. nice and easy ones.. I will put them on my blog later when I have a bit more time.

I go away next week to Florida which I am really looking forward to.. I need the sun!!! I will also be getting some craft items of course. It's hubby's birthday whilst we are away also.

Right that's it at the moment...I am going to try & update this more regularly.. I will also pot the cards I have made on here too.

Thanks for reading

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