Friday 19 June 2009

The Girls Hit Florida!!

April 30th - Florida here we come.... Gary & Fel (Cyd's hubby) always go down to Devon for a week playing golf. Cyd & I normally have a week in the sun, i.e Tenerife or Spain. This year we decided to go to Cyd's house ion Florida for 2 weeks of sun & relaxation. My mate Hevs deceided she wanted to come along as well as it's her 50th birthday this year.

We had a fab time and all we did was soak up the sun, do a bit of shopping and relax. As this was Hev's first time in Florida we asked her where she would like to go and she said SeaWorld which was fine by us. So on the last but one day we trotted off to SeaWorld and had a great day.

Later that day I experienced my first full blown Floridian thunderstorm. Wow it was amazing, fork lightening the lot......the only problem was that we were sitting in a metal stadium on metal seats surrounded by water (we were in the Shamu Stadium)!!

It was a great 2 weeks , got my tan & made me feel 100% better. Roll on October when we are over there again.. however this time it's with the boys!!!!!!!!

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