Monday 6 October 2008

Another year older!

Well it was my birthday on Thursday (2nd October,) another year older, but I had a great day relaxing at home, lots of nice pressies.

In the evening we went up to London with Cyd and Fel to see 'We Will Rock You'. It was gary's and my birthday pressie to Cyd & Fel but we went up on my birthday.. We arrived in London at about 5pm having driven up to Gatwick and then getting the Gatwick Express up to Victoria.

We then got the tube to Oxford Circus and then walked down to Tottenham Court Road stopping on the was at Pizza hut for something to eat.

Gaz and I had already seen the show about 7 years previously when it had just started. Both Cyd and Fel are great Queen fans and they had wanted to go and see i for ages.

The show was fab!

On the Friday we went to the Isle of Wight to our caravan. When we got to the caravanb I was very upset at the state of the van was awful. There was a big hole in one of the side panels where someone had obviously hit it with a ball. Gary went to the office to see about it and they didn't know about it, strange really when the caravan was supposed to have been cleaned prior to us going over there. I was very angry and will be writing to the park's head office.

The weekend, apart from that was great and a good rest, for those of you that know me you know how much I love the Island. The weather was awful but who cares!

I am now back and it's back to work tomorrow.. but now only 5 weeks to Florida!!!!!

Thanks for reading

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