Sunday, 4 December 2011

Second Installment

Thursday 17th November

Today was a very busy day. We were driving off down to Cocoa Beach which on the Atlantic coast, the east of Florida. We had an eco boat ride out to see the wild life around the waterways of Cocoa Beach Merritt Island. Our ‘cruise’ was at 2pm so we set off early so that we could have a look around Cocoa Beach itself as we had heard that it was quite nice. It wasn't…well we weren't impressed!!! We did have a paddle though and it was blooming cold…

Gaz in the sea
My feet paddling!

Gaz & I on the beach!

Gaz's feet, never gets his feet brown!!!!

The boat trip was with Island Boat Lines and the captain was Captain Mike. We set off round the islands in search of the dolphins and manatee’s. The afternoon was great. We traveled round the waterways looking at peoples fabulous waterfront houses. We also got to see some manatees – well their noses anyway. J Only managed one photo as they were very shy! lol. We also saw a few dolphins also. The whole trip lasted about 2 hours and was very worthwhile.

Pelicans in the trees around the waterways.

You can just see the backs of the manatees in the distance.

Group photo on the boat.

When we got back home we had some dinner and then settled down for a quiet evening as we were off to the pictures at 12.05am to see ‘Breaking Dawn pt 1’. I was very excited. Off we set at about 11pm.

First time I had ever been to the cinema in the US. The cinema is in a shopping complex called The Loop. I couldn't believe the number of people that were there to see the film. The cinema was showing the film on 8 separate screens and they were all packed.

The film was great as expected – different from the others – had a lot more comedy bits!!. Can’t believe I have to wait a whole year now for pt2 to come out. Still I can now read the book as I wouldn’t read it until I had seen the first part!

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