Tuesday, 6 December 2011

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Friday 18th November
Had a lazy, lazy day today to get over the late night/early morning cinema trip. Spent by the pool!! Weather was a bit overcast!

Saturday 19th November
Another lazy day today. Sun wasn’t out today but still very warm. In the afternoon we went shopping down to Davenport. Bought 2 dresses!!!!

Sunday 20th November
Up early this morning as Fel and Gary were off playing golf for the day and we were dropping them off. After we did this, Cyd and I went off to Golden Corral for breakfast. MMMM!!! Then we went back to the house and sunbathed, swam and read. Had a lovely peaceful day without the boys. We then went and picked them up later in the day. Quiet evening as we are off on a mini road trip tomorrow down to Naples on the West Coast. Really looking forward to that.

Monday 21st - Wednesday 23rd November
We set off about 9.am this morning on our way down to Naples. A journey of about 300 miles. We stopped of at The Golden Coral for breakfast. (Only way to start the day :-) ). Then we started on our journey. We decided to go via Clearwater which is a beautiful seaside town. Unfortunately we got lost going round Tampa ( these American roads are crazy - 7 -8 lanes of traffic) and a SAT NAV with a mind of it's own!! We eventually got there a
nd spent an hour on the beach. We saw some wild dolphins just off shore, took some photos but as the sun was shining in my face and I couldn't see what I was taking so ended up with pics of the sky!!!

Gaz and I paddling at Clearwater

We left there and went on down to Naples via the sky bridge, a fantastic sight - makes the Queen Elizabeth bridge over the Thames look like a little foot bridge! :-).

By the time we got down to Naples the heavens had opened. You couldn't see a hand in front of you!. We booked into the hotel and later went for dinner at The Cracker Barrel. Had a lovely steak dinner there with salad and jacket potato!

The next day the sun was shining and it was warm. We decided to drive down into the Everglades and ended up at Everglade City.

We went on another boat trip - this time round the 10,000 islands. Absolutely beautiful. This also goes into the Everglades National Park. We didn't get to see any manatees but did get to see the wild dolphins again but as before they were too quick to get a picture but we did get a video!

Once we finished the cruise we drove further into the Everglades and went up a lane with a creek running along side and saw some alligators merrily swimming along. This is how they should be seen - in the wild.

We then drove back to Naples and spent some time on the beach and had a swim. (well a paddle!!!)

The next day we went back home. A lovely couple of days away.

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  1. Hi Cally, Wow looks like you had a fabulous time your photos are lovely and the alligators should like you say be in the wild :) Sandra H