Thursday, 8 December 2011

Final Instalment of holiday photos

Ok, here it is the last instalment :-). When we came back from Naples, the next few days were relaxing. Boys played golf (yep more golf!!) an Cyd and I just relaxed by the pool and sunbathed. Well someone had to do it!!!

Here's Gaz, Cyd and Fel by the pool!

We also did a bit of shopping in-between the sunbathing :-)
On our last Wednesday we went to Hollywood Studios, one of the Disney Parks. Even though I have been to all the Disney parks, going to one of them still gets me all excited. It is just magic!!

Going into the park we came across this tree of poinsettias. Isn't it lovely!

One of the reasons I was excited about being at Hollywood Studios was because this was the home of one of my heros, Sully, from Monsters Inc!. I was so excited queuing for my picture being taken that I had tears on my eyes! I'm 45 and getting excited over having my picture taken with a 6ft hairy monster! Well here is one of the pictures I had taken.

One of my favourite rides at the park is Terror Towers. Foe anyone that hasn't been there, the ride is based on The Twilight Zone. You are in a lift and the lift drops and goes up at speed. It is such a great ride but you need a strong stomach!!

We had a great day and look forward to going back next year.

We came home on the Friday and landed back on Saturday morning. Boy it's cold!!!

Thanks for reading.

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