Saturday, 3 December 2011

Back from my holiday.

Well I am back from my hols and here is the start of my diary. Don't worry I'm not doing a day by day blow of what I did but just a general background of what I got up to with a few pics thrown in. If you want to see the villa where I stay then please visit the website

Friday 11th November

Arrived at the airport at about 8.30am and went straight through the new security system with no problem – much quicker than the old way. Then the holiday started as we had breakfast in Frankie & Benny’s. Flight was delayed by hour & half (due to take off at 11.15 – actual take off is 12.45 (we actually took off at 1pm.)

Our plane 'Jersey Girl'

Had quiet a few good films on the flight but I ended up watching Bridesmaids. If you haven’t seen it then you need to!. It was so funny in parts that I was laughing out loud. I forgot that I was on a plane full of other people and had headphones on!! Opps. Even the air stewards were laughing at me….

We landed at about 5ish – Floridian time- went through immigration – I hate that part- then got the hired car and drove to the house.

Unpacked a little and then went up to Walmart for essentials (milk, bread, eggs & bacon etc), had something to eat in McDonalds which is in Walmart and then came home. We all had flagged by 9.30 local time (2.30am English time!) and all went to bed. We would be awake early as we always are!

Saturday 12th November

Awoke early as normal. Gary & Fel went off to play golf and Cyd and I stayed in by the pool. Boys came home at about 12ish and we had some lunch then spent the afternoon by the pool again until the sun disappeared. Later on in the day we went to Walmart to do a big shop and have a look around the store. We spent a good 2 hours in there. We then had take - away Chinese which was yummy.

Sunday13th November

Another lazy day doing nothing apart from reading and relaxing by the pool

Monday 14th November.

Gary & Fel played golf again this morning. Cyd and I relaxed by the pool. We stayed in all afternoon then later that day Gaz & I went up to ‘The Loop’ a shopping complex with a big MichaelsJ. I went and booked our tickets for ‘Breaking Dawn part 1’. We are going to the midnight showing on Thursday night. Can’t wait!!!!

Tuesday 15th November.

Overcast mainly today but still very, very warm. Laid by the pool reading and sleeping mostly J. Then later we went and did a bit of shopping and then went and had something to eat at Golden Corral. They do the greatest mash potato!!!

Gaz and I at the Golden Corral

Wednesday 16th November

Another lazy day by the pool. Then went shopping up to Kmart.

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