Tuesday, 10 May 2016

I really need to get my act together...

...and get up to date with my blog and my cards. I have so many unfinished items that I need to do and also so many cards to make - good job I have my workshops to go to so I do have some handmade cards:-) 

One car I had to make was for my nephew whose birthday was a couple of weeks ago. Here is the card. Made in good old CAP again. What a life saver that is :-).

Last weekend Pam and I had a couple of days away at this place in Godalming. The Manor Hotel. We were there to attend John Bloodworth's (The Gentleman Crafter) 3 day workshops in aid of his All Counties Craft Challenge. More details will follow with my makes when I have sorted them out. :-) Friday was John's workshop, Saturday was Sheena Douglas and Donna Ratcliff and Sunday was Julie Hickey. 

This is Maisy, John's home for the next year. 

Our room which was absolutely 'WOW'

View from our window. 

Pam and I (with the help of  my trusted selfie stick!)

Thanks for reading. 

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