Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Family Day, Nanny Duties and The New Forest

Well what a busy week I had since my last post. The day after Leon's birthday party, I had the family over for the day as it was my mother in law's last but one day before she flew back to France.

Here is a picture of Leon having a cuddle with his Uncle Dan and Aunty Jodie. 

Some boys never grow up. My life flashed back 20 odd years when I heard these words from my oldest son 'Dad, Daniel's beating me up!!', :-) but he did have Leon to help him this time.

On the Monday I had Nanny duties to do whilst my daughter in law worked. I love this picture of Ollie. He looks so grown up!!

On Tuesday, we had to take my mother in law down to Southampton to catch her flight to France. As we were going down there we decided to spend a couple of days down there so we booked a Premier Inn down in Christchurch and spent a couple of days exploring the New Forest. It is so beautiful down there and the weather was beautiful and sunny. 

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