Tuesday, 15 March 2016

First couple of days of retirement

Good evening. As you are all aware my hubby retired last Friday and the last few days have been pretty hectic. He has not wasted any time in getting on with the list of jobs I have for him. The first being to board the loft. Now this seems quite easy to do however we live in a chalet bungalow and the entrance to the loft is half way up the stairs...not an easy job to get in and out of the loft.  So whilst he has been doing that I have been sorting out the study, spring clean fever has hit!!

Consequently I have not had chance to make many cards, however as previously stated, I do have a few from workshops that I can show you, however I haven't had chance to photograph them.

What I do have to show you though is a couple of scrapbook pages that I have created from last year. (Slowly getting through the pictures!!) As with all my scrapbook pages, they were created in CAP.

This first one is of Leon and his friend Aaron from Drusillas last year.

A bit of 'monkeying around in the park on the climbing frame.

His new haircut last year. First time had it cut this short!!

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  1. Aww l love your pages they are so cute the children so rewarding sounds like your really busy in your house take care x