Wednesday 24 February 2016

Quick Catch up

Now young Olie has made an appearance and I am not on standby anymore, things are slowly getting back to normal and time for a mini catch up.

Weight loss - not going too well at the moment. Really need to get back into the swing and I am slowly getting there. I have cancelled my membership at the gym as I was not finding the time to get there. To compensate for this I have been going out for more walks and also been doing the '1 mile happy walk' it's a 15 minute workout that is great.

Exciting times are ahead as hubby is retiring next month after 39 years as a member of the British Transport Police. We already have 3 holidays booked so look out for scrapbook pages of lots of photos - I have even bought myself a selfie stick :-)

I do have a card to show you today and it is the card I have made for the birth of Olie. It has been designed in CAP , printed out and then matted onto blue & yellow card. 

Thanks for reading

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