Wednesday, 19 October 2016

My Grandsons' and a First Wedding Anniversary

Last night we had our eldest grandson to stay overnight. He is in year 1 at school and now has homework (some quite hard I think for a 5year old!!) He has surprised us at how good his reading is. We get him to read a couple of books each time that we have him.

Here he is doing his numbers homework with Grandad whilst Nanny cooked dinner :-) . We got him to use coins to help him add his numbers together. 

Today, Wednesday is my normal day for the grandsons so whilst Leon was at school we looked after Ollie. He is 8 months old now and quite a little character. Here he is playing with his new bricks ( a bargain I picked up at the local charity shop for £3. 

Today is also my son & daughter-in-law's first wedding anniversary. Not sure where that year went but here is the card that I made for them. I designed that card in CAP.

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