Wednesday 28 September 2016

Grandsons and Nephews' Card

 Today we looked after the grandsons, Ollie from 9am and Leon from school at 3pm. Ollie is teething at the moment and has a rash round his mouth from all the dribbling and has a cough. Good old calpol!! He crawls around now and pulls himself up whenever he can.

Picked Leon up from school and he had had a fall at school and scratched his back. He had also been naughty at school, threw a glass of water over another boy so we had a Nanny && Grandson talk when he got home!!  It's lovely to have them but boy do they knacker me out now. I must be getting old!!

Card I have to show you today is one of my favourite characters, Wellington. The image is a decoupage and all the backing paper apart from the kraft card comes from the ultimate kit. Just added some string and gems to finish it of.

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