Sunday, 21 August 2016

A walk, nostalgia and very sore feet..

One of the things on my 'to do list/bucket list' was o walk from where I live in Southwick, all along the coast to Rottingdean and then get the number 2 bus back to Southwick going through Woodingdean ( this was where I was brought up!) and Brighton. So last week we decided to get it done. 

The walk was a long 8.2 miles but that didn't stop us!. We stopped off at 'The Meeting Place' a cafe on Hove Lawns for a cuppa, then we stooped to watch the I360 go up. Stopped off at the Palace Pier (well it's called Brighton Pier now but it will always be the Palace Pier to me) and then walked onto the Marina for some lunch. 

After lunch we then continued our walk along the undercliff to Rottingdean. Lots of memories were remembered walking along there. Last time I walked along that bit I was with my Mum. We used to do it often growing up! I even think she was with us as we walked. 

Once we arrive at Rotting dean we then caught the bus home all through Woodingdean where more memories were remembered. 

It was a day of nostalgia and very sore feet! 

At the start of our walk

The I360

Looking at the Palace Pier (grew up on this beach :-) )

Volks Railway

Back of the Marina  

The Undercliff Walk to Rottingdean

Us on the bus!

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  1. Showing some great photos too Cally so pleased you managed it x