Sunday, 24 April 2016

No time to Blog......

WOW been a long time since I blogged. I was hoping to try and blog a bit more regularly. I will get there eventually but since hubby retired the time just seems to go and the days seem really quick. 

A quick synopsis of the last 2 weeks - have been to 2 craft workshops and made some lovely cards. I still have to finish them so will show when I have. Have looked after my youngest grandson which was quite scary to start with. Again photos to follow when I have sorted myself out. Hubby and I have been out for a couple of walks, one very long one and one not so long.  Today I have been sorting my bedroom out, clearing wardrobe and cupboards in there. Feeling very satisfied because I managed to get 1 black bag of rubbish, 2 black bags for the charity shop and 1 black bag for card boot sale.

I did have a card to make for my great niece who was 4 last week. The card was done in CAP using the Fairies digi kit.

Thanks for reading