Wednesday 30 March 2011

Well, finally got diagnosed...

....with carpel tunnel in both hands. A few weeks ago I was at the doctors for a regular check up and mentioned that my hands and fingers go numb at night and sometimes my fingers are really painful. Also that when I am on the lap top my wrists hurt. She said probably it was carpel tunnel and referred me to a rheumatoid nurse. I eventually got round to ringing them today and she asked me to go in straight away to see her which I did.
Parking at the hospital is bad so I drove to the railway station and then got a bus to the hospital (first time I have been on a bus in years!!).
She did some tests on my hands and confirmed carpel tunnel so now I have some very lovely splints that I have to wear on my hands at night and when I'm on the computer although I have just tried to wear them whilst I am doing this and they are very awkward. Apparently I have small hands and large arms!!!!!! so the splints are a bit loose but they will do the job at night.
I have to wear these for the next 3 months and then see how it goes. If no better then, then it will be an operation!!

We have also had the date for our friend's funeral. A bit spooky as it's on the day we were all due to meet up for our regular meet. We are all going to the funeral and we will have a meet in the evening and raise a glass to Barbara.

haven't made any cards for a few days now and getting withdrawal symptoms but am at the moment scanning a load of decoupage papers so that I can pit them on my website and ebay to sell... what a boring job, but nearly there..

Thanks for reading

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