Monday 26 May 2008

Wot a surprise!!!

Prior to us going away we decided that we would get a new kitchen. We have been in the house for 14 years so decided it was time. We had picked out the kitchen we wanted, the flooring, the tiles, appliances etc. Hubby said that he would do the kitchen when we got back from hols and after he had had his week in Devon playing golf which meant that the kitchen wouldn't get started until at least the middle of June.

Now I get really stressed out with any mess in the house when work is being done. I can't handle it. I was getting really stressed at the thought of the mess with having the kitchen done. Hubby was adamant that he could do it and him and my friends kept winding me up about it.

I couldn't understand why he was getting all the stuff before we went away. I kept telling him that we could do it when we got back from Florida.

Well I now know why.... on arriving home in the early hours of Friday morning, Hubby dashed in the house first and then came out saying we had had a leak in the kitchen, I ran in and what did I find..............

My brand new kitchen!!!!

He had arranged for someone to come in and fit the kitchen while we were away!. What a great surprise , I couldn't believe he did it for me & that I knew nothing about it!



  1. Wow! What a difference. Enjoy the newness Cally - it won't last!!

  2. Beautiful kitchen - and what a fantastic surprise to come home to!